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Mina NodeMCU

Mina NodemCU

Jag har 3 st Geekcreit® NodeMcu Lua WIFI Internet Things Development Board Based ESP8266 CP2102 Wireless Module.

  • Material: Experimental Board + Mixed Alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Chip Module: CP2102
  • Working Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃
  • Power Input: 4.5V ~ 9V (10VMAX), USB-powered
  • Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver
  • Current: continuous transmission ≈70mA (200mA MAX)
  • Standby: <200uA
  • Size: (L)X(W) 4.8x2.5 cm


  • A great set of tools to develop ESP8266.
  • ESP8266 has 10 IO Pins.
  • ESP8266 full IO mouth leads directly download without resetting.
  • Open-source, interactive, programmable, low cost, simple, smart, WI-FI enabled.
  • Greatly speed up your IOT application developing process.
Jag har 5st NodeMcu Lua WiFi Internet of Things development Board based ESP8266 CP2102

The NodeMcu Development Kit based on ESP8266, CP2102 integates GPIO, PWM, IIC, 1-Wire and ADC all in one board. Power your developement in the fastest way combinating with NodeMcu Firmware.

  • Build on ESP8266 sdk
  • Build on CP2102 USB to TTL
  • Lua core based on eLua project
  • cjson based on lua-cjson
  • File system based on spiffs
  • Easy to access wireless router
  • Based on Lua 5.1.4 (without debug, os module.)
  • Event-Drive programming preferred.
  • Build-in json, file, timer, pwm, i2c, spi, 1-wire, net, mqtt, coap, gpio, wifi, adc, uart and system api.
  • GPIO pin re-mapped, use the index to access gpio, i2c, pwm.
  • Both Integer version(less memory usage) and Float version(Default) firmware provided.

  • Now supports the arduino IDE 1 with Arduino ESP8266
  • Uses WiFi Module – ESP-12E.
  • USB – Power 5v and program via micro USB port
  • CP2102 USB TTL Module
  • Fits on a standard breadboard and gives access to a row of holes either side
  • 10 GPIO, every GPIO can be PWM, I2C or 1-wire
  • Headers – 2 x 2.54mm 15-pin header with access to GPIOs, SPI, UART, ADC, and power pins
  • Misc – Reset and Flash buttons
  • Dimensions – 49 x 24.5 x 13mm
  • USB-TTL included, plug n play
  • FCC CERTIFIED WI-FI module, PCB antenna
  • Can see the Nodemcu LUA development environment as an alternative to the Arduino ESP8266
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