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Which channel?

And finally: Which channel is which?

All multi-channel receivers have labels to inform you which numbered channel you are connecting your device into, but very few have the corresponding labels on the transmitter sticks. I am frequently asked: 'How do I know which set of pins to use'? The answer is to experiment, or try it and see. Plug a servo into Channel 1 of the receiver, switch on the transmitter and receiver and wiggle the sticks until you find which movement of which stick moves the servo. Now draw a diagram of the transmitter in the notes section of the radio’s manual and label it. Switch off the Rx, move the servo connection on to Channel 2 and repeat. Do this for every channel and you’ll end up with an accurate picture of your Tx showing the correct stick/switch for each Rx output. Simple, innit - please see Figure 26!

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