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Safety & Hygiene
Chemicals such as Epoxy and Polyester Resin should be handled with care. The more you know of the health risks, the better chance you have to protect yourself and those around you.

I’m making no claims to cover all aspects, so make sure you inform yourself of proper safety precautions. Ask for MSDS sheets – all manufacturers are required to provide one for free upon request.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned over the years. Not to be complete, but this is what I go by:

Protect your hands and avoid direct contact at all cost. I’ve been told latex doesn’t work – the Epoxy bleeds through. A better option is to use a barrier cream and either a vinyl or nitrite, neoprene or nitrile glove. Unless you have developed sensitization, a respirator should not be necessary for occasional use.

Neoprene, Nitrite and I believe Latex will work. Again, I’d use a barrier cream, just to be sure. Vinyl won’t work; instead they will dissolve either from the Resin or acetone used for clean-up.

Respirator is a must. I’m not talking about a dust mask here, but a real face mask with chemical vapor filter cartridges. These are the same as you’d use for professional spray painting.

Other things, avoid working in shorts and flip-flops. Spills happen easily and large amounts directly on your skin can be difficult to clean up

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